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        Welcome to DPF Engineering

        At DPF Engineering we support the Aerospace and Medtech Industries with Engineering Design;
        Manufacture of precision tooling, complex metallic components and detailed assemblies.

        Guaranteed Quality

        AS 9100, ISO9001 & SC21 Bronze approved, all DPF Engineering products and services are planned and manufactured within the stringent quality control parameters demanded by the aerospace and med-tech customers. We have an uncompromising commitment to quality and only produce industry-compliant fully certified solutions.




        We employ highly skilled engineers and designers to provide bespoke FDA approved solutions for the Med-tech Industry which involves collaborative design with customer focus.



        Dealing with some of the top Med-tech companies in the world we offer full end to end design and manufacture of industry compliant solutions to include tooling, plastic fabrication and high end Stainless Steel Fabrication.


        DPF Engineering Tool & Die division offers Jig & Fixture manufacture & Specialist Tooling As well as mould repair and maintenance. The company has a policy of continuous improvement and investment in the latest, high-quality machining technology in order to offer customers a comprehensive range of precision engineering services.


        We offer high precision multi axis machining which includes 3, 4 and 5 axis milling, twin spindle multi axis turning, utilising the latest in lights out manufacture. We continue to invest in the latest manufacturing equipment to ensure competitiveness in the industry.


        We manufacturing complex metallic components and sub assemblies for the aerospace industry and we participate directly in a number of Aerospace programmes globally, manufacturing parts for use in the Wing, Fuselage, Wing Box and Nacelle of commercial aircraft.

        Industries Served


        • Jig and Fixture Manufacture
        • Stainless Steel Fabrication
        • Plastic Fabrication
        • Tooling Support
        • Engineering Design


        DPF Engineering support the aerospace supply chain through engineered component excellence and participate directly in a number of Aerospace programmes globally, manufacturing parts for use in the Wing, Fuselage, Wing Box, Nacelle and Interior of commercial aircraft.

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